The Sin of Geography

World religions pie chart

“If everyone in this room had been born in India it’s more than likely we’d all be Hindu.”

Their Christian eyes looked confused and their mouths formed wordless denials. Eternal damnation isn’t a great topic for a family dinner. In fact, it’s not really an easy conversation anywhere. Mostly Christians treat the damned with some strange combination of pity followed by denial — made easy because most of these poor souls are complete strangers.

But if it’s true — if God really has created billions of people as kindling for the fires of his anger — then it’s worth at least owning up to that. True believers need to consciously acknowledge that all those people are going to live and they are going to die and the statistics say that most of them will go through all that believing more or less the same things as their family, friends, and neighbors do.

The Muslims will die Muslim. The Hindus will die Hindu. The Shakers are all already gone but most of them shook ’til the bitter end.

Then the God who knows everything, the one who knows every damned hair on their pagan heads, will shuffle them off to perdition. And those infidels will deserve it because every one of them is guilty of the gravest of sins: geography.

It’s a hell of a math problem.