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My theory about Donald Trump and those who idolize him has shifted a little as more exit polling data from people who have actually voted has come out. Black people are voting for him. Hispanic people are voting for him. Angry white men are voting for him in droves. Even Muslims are coming out to support the guy.

The Donald’s appeal obviously transcends racial lines and even ideological lines given how much support he’s getting from a certain subset of Democrats. His appeal is so diverse and so unusual in our recent political conversation that I’ve been casting about in my mind for examples of other politicians who have had this kind of populist charisma…and then I had a thought that the people on the Caribbean island where I grew up would (and probably DO) love this guy.

When I remembered what political campaigns looked like on my island home, the pieces fell into place: Donald Trump is a banana republic dictator.

Trump’s appeal is rooted in the same things that all tin pot dictators cherish: machismo, money, and malevolence.

Of course he appeals to a certain segment of the White, Hispanic, Black, and Muslim populations. There are segments in each of those populations who are culturally prone to wanting a tough guy, a yelling man, a powerful presence who promises to hurt and punish anybody who gets in his way. I remember during the Gulf War hearing islanders opine that Saddam Hussein was obviously going to win the war because he looked so much tougher than George Bush. Bush was a total nerd and Saddam sported fatigues and wore sun glasses at night for crying out loud! How could he lose?

A cult of machismo explains why a lot of Trump’s followers across the spectrum tend to be poorly educated. That’s why his followers don’t have ideological uniformity. The white supremacist who loves the Confederate flag unwittingly stands shoulder to shoulder with the black man who isn’t quite sure what a poll-taker means by “Emancipation Proclamation” and the Muslim business owner who’s had a rough go in this economy. All of them are after the same thing: they want the tough guy in the White House because the tough guy has told them he’ll make it all right in the world. Donald Trump is ultimately just the projection of their own stunted egos.

Looking at individual issues is the wrong way to understand Trump’s supporters altogether. This strange candidate’s popularity can’t be about race or economics or gun control or healthcare the way the pundits are usually wont to define candidates. This time it’s just about a guy. One dude who has convinced a certain segment of the population that he’s a total woman-hating, Mussolini-quoting, rooting’ tootin’ badass.

Once you understand that the strategy is to be “the man on the horse“, a lot of things start to make sense. Trump’s waffle about the KKK wasn’t about supporting David Duke, it was about showing the world that he doesn’t HAVE to answer questions if he doesn’t want to. He plays by his own rules. Nobody makes Donald do anything. Donald is THE MAN. His followers eat that up.

And there will always be some segment of the population who wants that tough guy to win. In true banana republic style, they’ll also be the same people screaming for his head in a year if he actually does because just being a tough guy doesn’t get you far in US politics.

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4 thoughts on “My Donald Trump Theory”

  1. Darrell – I always enjoy reading your stuff. You are thoughtful and plain (easy to understand). I think you’re on to something here with the comparison of Drumpf & dictator. Good stuff

  2. Yes! Thank you, Darrell! That’s the best explanation I’ve heard/read for the appeal of Donald Trump to so many people whose core issues would ordinarily make them opponents–an untouchable bully to make all your problems go away, just because he’s such a badass. It’s appealing to a lot of people, but only makes the actual problems more difficult to fix. What are he, and they, going to do when it doesn’t work?

  3. I wonder why a country such as America would want a dictator. I remember thinking about countries who used to worship their leaders who were dictators. I wondered what was wrong with them. We now have almost half of our country who want a bully as president. I do not think it is people who feel disenfranchised or want change. I think it is people who don’t see anything wrong with screwing over women especially wives and admire Rich people. Church goers are always talking about the end times and how horrible things will be. I think they are mistaken and led astray by fables when the real horror story is sneaking in unawares with their help. An immoral dictator. I think women (decent women) are going to have it even harder. Harder because of people like Trump and his wife and harder because the churches are full of worldly crazies. ajc All the pastors I know give all these hokey, lame reasons why Trump is great and Hillary is evil . They love that word evil. You couldn’t get me into a church now. Some of the mentally unhealthiest sheep in these churches. Just not normal or in the real world.

  4. I read your article again. It is really good. You hit the nail right on the head. But there was also the hate thing for Hillary. I mean ugly hate. Because she was a woman, a thinking woman of just average looks. None of the stuff that makes a woman popular today. I guess most men including Trump didn’t want to have sex with her which these days is a negative. ajc

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